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Give to the Max Day 2017 - Help Us Ignite the Stage

Give to the Max November 16, 2017

Give to the Max Day 2017 is coming up fast and we need your support this Thursday, November 16th to meet one simple goal: raise funds to develop our next original show.

That's where your donation on Give to the Max Day comes in. To help us reach our $1200 goal, our board has committed to matching all donations in any amount up to $600. Which means $15 becomes $30 –or heck $31.41 becomes $62.82!

You can conveniently schedule your donation in advance –which means you can donate right now on our GiveMN page and know that you've helped us make the next big thing!

About GiveMN

GiveMN links donors with organizations that are working to make Minnesota a better place. Its online giving website,, enables charitable giving any time and any place, allowing people to donate with ease and enthusiasm. GiveMN brings innovation, energy and fresh ideas to Minnesota generosity.

Coming Up In 2018

Bust of Moliere

We're excited to announce our next production: Moliere's The Imaginary Invalid!

Though Moliere wrote it over 300 years ago, The Imaginary Invalid is a strikingly-relevant, savage farce. In this production we take aim at the wounds we inflict upon ourselves and the lengths that some will go to achieve "affordable" healthcare in a seemingly-incurable system.

Coming to the new Gremlin Theatre in April 2018, our production will star Combustible Company's own Erik Hoover as Argan and feature the scenic wizardry of Paul Herwig. Mark your calendars for an experience that is sure to spark conversation and laughter!

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